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Max Keiser visited Ireland recently and it is a must view for everyone. The whole IMF game plan is laid out for everyone to see. Debtors prison, Emigration wakes to escape debtors prisons, bail out on top of bailout, theft, usury. Pure Evil.
Max is stunned and is trying to wrap his head around the apathy of the Irish people.

I would encourage everyone to view these videos.

Just on a personal note:
I know a few people living in Ireland and until I saw Max's video I couldn't figure out what was wrong with them that they were just taking this crap while the people of Iceland simply said NO and the Greeks are saying NO.

I was talking to a friend in Ireland a couple of weeks ago.  He has been working in the same blue collar job for the last 8 years or so. When the banking crisis first started over there he was earning EU23.50 and hour plus 60 days per year in overtime. On that basis he was able to get a loan for a house 70 miles from Dublin and about 60 miles from work. Since then his pay has been cut twice and he is down to EU17.50 an hour with zero overtime. Taxes have increased, his house is worth approximately 150K less than what he paid for it or about half. (Yes, I told him not to buy the house and just wait. )
His crap box car is now 8 years old and he now owes more on it than the original purchase price thanks to an adjustable rate loan on his crap box. Gasoline prices are through the roof there.
I asked him why he just didn't default on the loans and he told me "I have never given up on anything"

There is a certain sense of pride in honest struggle. I don't know what sort of Hopium they put in the water over there but there is an optimism that things will get better. One of the interviewees summed it up when he said we want to be good little Euro citizens and if we take our medicine things will go back to the way they were.

It's not like people over there don't know what is going on. People like Matt Taibbi are common over there. There is still integrity in Journalism. (
It's domestication, Stockholm syndrome, shell shock and pure, uncut hopium.


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