Contingency plans being put in place for Euro Collapse

Merkel and Sakozy are known to have discussed Euro implosion and/ or two tier Euro system etc. so it's no surprise international businesses will do the same.

ONE of the world's biggest travel operators may ask Irish hotels to sign contracts agreeing to pay it in punts if the euro collapses or Ireland exits the eurozone.
TUI Group runs both and, booking rooms for well-known hotel chains including the Radisson, Clarion and Jurys Inn and tickets for the venues The O2 and Grand Canal Theatre.

The request has caused uproar in Greece, and the head of the Greek tourist board said no hotelier should sign it.
"TUI Travel always seeks to avoid any possibility of being adversely affected by currency and macro-economic situations and plans accordingly," a spokeswoman said. "This may mean that from time to time we seek amendments to contracts with our suppliers".

*****Expect to see this trend accelerate*****.

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